Up to 5/1 mbps
$ 88 Monthly
  • Ideal for
  • Email
  • Chat
  • Web browsing


Up to 7/2 mbps
$ 138 Monthly
  • Ideal for
  • Email
  • Chat
  • Web browsing
  • Music streaming
  • Social media


Up to 9/2 mbps
$ 248 Monthly
  • Ideal for
  • Email
  • Chat
  • General web browsing
  • Social media
  • streaming music
  • Streaming video
  • Multiple wireless devices
  • online gaming


Up to 14/4 mbps
$ 468 Monthly
  • Ideal for
  • Practically anything

 A $200 installation fee for sign up. If poles needed or cement after our team assess the client premises the mentioned material to be covered by the customer.

Enjoy fast internet and unlimited data

We certainly will not limit your speed. We do not lead FUP or other similar catchers. We are ready for large volumes of data, as the first in Liberia we started to use Rfelement antenna technology.

We guarantee a minimum speed below which your Internet never drops.  Even if all your neighbors start downloading the latest part of the Game of Thrones in ultra high definition at the same time.

Our service technicians can assist you at any time

In case of problems call+231 88 139 9399 

You made the right call. As soon as you report your problem to our call center, we will immediately send it to the serving technician. This will resolve the reported issues in sequence.

90% of reported issues will be resolved within 3-4 hours.

The rest of the day.

Have you been burned and are you looking for a new Internet provider that will treat you fair and human?

Transfer your internet to us and we’ll  help you make the transition as easy as possible.

  1. We will agree with you on the installation date that best suits you.
  2. At the agreed time, the technicians will ring and start working.
  3. Once everything is done, they will give you a working internet cable and explain everything.
  4. They will answer all your questions and  leave only when everything is clear and in order.
  5. Our engineers also carry a dustpan and a brush. So no worries, it will remain beautifully clean.


We will help you to extend the Internet around the house

We understand that not everyone is a technical type. Therefore, we will be happy to help you lay the network cables or deliver and set up a wifi router.

However, this service is not included in the installation and is paid separately.

Join  happy households

No more flashy videos

Watch your favorite movies and shows in ultra high definition

Great responses while playing

You will never lose again because of slow internet or downtime.

Star service

We don't wave over your problem.